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Digital skills are important.  It might seem a ‘Captain Obvious’ kind of statement, but what exactly do you have to learn to be successful on a labour market? Join our seminar on April 5 in The Hague to find out. 

15 March. NANR, the Netherlands Consulate-General in St. Petersburg and the Logistics Museum would like to invite you to a joint Russian-Dutch business forum on logistics with a special focus on maritime coordination. 

It is an informational and networking event for NANR members, representatives of Dutch and Russian companies, graduate students of the relevant faculties of St. Petersburg universities, who are working or studying in the fields of Logistics and Transport. 

We will take a tour of the Logistics Museum, the first museum of its kind in Russia. Its exhibits cover the entire distribution chain from production to the end consumer. You will learn about the history of production, storage, processing and cargo transport along with the modern state of the industry and its prospects for development.  

After our tour we will continue on to the residence of the Dutch Consul General where representatives of Dutch and Russian logistics and transport companies will discuss the current challenges and possibilities of this industry. There will be opportunities for networking with professionals in this field later in the evening. 


15.30 – 17.00 – Logistics Museum tour

17.00 – 17.30 – Bus transfer to the residence

17.30 – 18.00 – Welcome tea and coffee

18.00 – 19.30 – Business presentations

19.30 – 21.00 – Networking event  

Participation in this event is free of charge but advance registration is required as the number of participants is strictly limited. You can join the event eitehr from the beginning, or at 17:30. 


Holland Knows The Way - promotiefilm Holland Logistics Library from Amsterdam Soil on Vimeo.

NANR and Nuffic Neso Russia warmly welcome you to attend our annual Sinterklaas celebration on 9 December.

Via secret communication, Sint has told us that he just loves coming back to Moscow. This trip is always “carved in stone” (a direct quote!) in his agenda and he is looking forward to meeting you all again.

This year we will watch “Mees Kees”, a family film about a young, whimsical new teacher, who is just a little bit shy. He takes everything that his students think that a school should be and turns them upside down. It has never been this much fun for the kids. But with rule-obsessed principal Dreus prowling the corridors and a school inspection coming up, how long can the fun last? Hilarious and charming, we hope that this lighthearted movie will put you in the holiday spirit. 

After the movie you will have the chance to take a photo with Sinterklaas himself. Hot chocolate, mulled wine and traditional Dutch pastries will be served to help us linger longer in the cozy holiday atmosphere.  

Sinterklaas has prepared a poetry competition for those that would like to delve deeper into Dutch traditions. The winners will be awarded an orange backpack with Dutch souvenirs. Read more about it below. 

Please note that due to enormous popularity we have to limit the number of participants this year, so click the “Join” button to let us know you are coming.

Dutch expats, Dutch students, students of Dutch language and those applying to Dutch universities for September 2017 can register here.


18:30     Guests arrive

19:00     Welcome words by Nuffic Neso Russia Director Jerke Verschoor

19:10     Movie screening

20:30     Sinterklaas arrives! 

21:00     Reception and photo shoot with Sint and Pieten

22:00     Reception ends

Sinterklaas poem competition

One tradition associated with Sinterklaas celebrations is the writing of a Sinterklaas poem for the person that you will give a present to. A poem “should” be kind in tone, but there is room to poke fun at the individual’s bad habits or character quirks. And, yes, your poem must rhyme. The typical rhyming scheme of a Sinterklaas poem is A, A, B, B.

To participate in the competition you should:

1. Write a Sinterklaas poem and send it to us no later than 8 December

  • The poem should be at least four lines long
  • It should be dedicated to Nuffic Neso Russia or NANR or both
  • The poem can be written in Russian, Dutch or English (Sinterklaas is very good at languages) 

2. Be registered at NANR and like our page on Facebook

The winner will get an awesome orange backpack with a set of Dutch-themed souvenirs. The winner will be announced by Sinterklaas himself during our celebration.

Send your poems to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This was last year’s winning poem:

I went to 'Nuffic Russia's course

To explore Dutch from the newest source.

I tried to learn it day and night

But this one thought was much too bright -

So I could think about one thing

That only Sinterklaas may bring:

"I want those lekker round smallies

I want to eat all olie-bollies!!!"

Someday this time at last will come

and I will learn my Dutch with calm!

Nadezhda Krokhina 2015



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Alumni Stories

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