The 2nd Russian-Dutch business meeting on Maritime Logistics was held on 9 November 2017 at the Residence of the Consul-General of the Netherlands in Saint-Petersburg. 

Nuffic is looking for alumni champions and their inspiring and compelling stories to illustrate how important their contribution is to the Netherlands. As you know the Week of the International Student will be 13-17 November.

Last week NANR, Nuffic and Russian Embassy welcomed 15 Russian students at the Russian Embassy’s quarters in The Hague. 

Alumni support is needed! Share your experience with students who are just taking off to study in the Netherlands.

Have you always been interested in Social Enterpreneurship but was afraid to ask? Well, here you go. For a month Maria Kharitonova was sharing her expertise and experience in the topic. You are welcome to read all the materials and discuss. 

Nederlandse Club Moskou invites NANR members to join the party on 29th of April.

From March 2017 on, a NANR member will take turns sharing their knowledge and passion about certain professional areas every Monday and Thursday evening in rotating one-month residencies. 

Are you an admirer of the theatre? Would you like to know more about the historical and artistic contexts from which the modern acting school takes its roots? 

New Year is coming and we would like to congratulate our friends at Kurovskoe home for elderly. Join us on the 18th of December!

Like participating in NANR events and gathering? What about becoming a member of the organizing team?

Last week the Netherlands Alumni Network in Russia celebrated its birthday with friends from all over Russia, colleagues from EP-Nuffic and guests from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Russia.

Don't miss the last available tickets to 'The Artist' cinema concert at the Grand Hall of the Moscow Conservatory on November 25-26.

At the beginning of October Neso Russia visited the Kurovskoe home for the elderly in the Moscow Region. 

On 8 October NANR and the Consul General of the Netherlands hosted a Welcome Back event in St. Petersburg. 

EP-Nuffic welcomes 500 talented international students on Wednesday 23 November 2016 at the Erasmus University Rotterdam for the 5th edition of nl4talents.

We are looking for alumni who are passionate about their Dutch experience and willing to share it

Lefortovo is one of the most Dutch places you can find in Moscow. No wonder it was chosen as a location for a Dutch festival that will take place on September, 10.

Sapindigo Rio Developer Challenge is a competition, in which students, graduates and independent developers are supposed to build a Business Intelligence application, using the software called "Arcplan". 

As one alum noted, Dutch Alumni Day in St.Petersburg is quickly becoming a memorable tradition for all. Last weekend alumni spent an interesting day together with NANR members and representatives of Dutch community in St. Petersburg.

Last week the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and NANR organized an engaging discussion on Dutch foreign policy and Dutch-Russian relations. The event aimed to give alumni an opportunity to hear expert opinions and debate long-standing and recent developments between the two countries.