Welcome to all Russian alumni that studied in the Netherlands; we trust you had a great experience while in Holland.

It’s good to see you stay in touch with the Dutch, even and especially in Russia. The importance of this alumni network cannot be overstated. You could say that it was created at the highest levels: after all it was the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte that officially launched it back in 2013! We, and I personally, look very much forward to seeing you at our events that we organize regularly in Moscow and St. Petersburg along with our active Alumni Boards in each city. Please don’t forget that we encourage you to share your ideas with us. It is only together that we can grow and develop this network even further.

As of 2015 the Netherlands Alumni Network Russia will begin supporting a new good cause, which you can read more about on our website soon. In the past we have organized Dutch Business Days, Kings Day parties, Bike Days and other events and we will continue doing this together with you. Not only do we hope that this network will help you stay in touch with fellow alumni, but that it will also give you new ideas, contacts and experiences. So see you soon and feel free to contact us any time!