Together we help a home for elderly in Moscow region. You are welcome to join one of our trips! 

NANR unites Russian alumni of Dutch universities, a dynamic group of people with diverse professional and personal experiences. We are well educated, professional and are capable of achieving anything we set out to do. We believe that we can bring positive changes to other people’s lives.

We regularly visit a home for the elderly in the town of Kurovskoe in Moscow Region. Material comforts aside what these senior members of society don’t have enough of is regular communication and new experiences. Arts and crafts, theatre performances and simple talk with some new and friendly people are vital for seniors in order to maintain fulfilling lives.

This is why NANR has started to make regular trips to this home. This is how these trips are organised:

  • We choose a theme for each individual visit (it can be anything – drawing, singing, modelling) and collect all the necessary equipment.
  • We meet on Saturday morning at Kazansky railway station in central Moscow. It’s better to hold such activities in the morning because our senior friends are at their best and have the most energy at that time. The trip takes two hours by local train; we usually return to Moscow around 15:00.
  • When we arrive, we go room-to-room, greet everyone and offer them the chance to join in the activity we have prepared for that visit.

In our endeavors we are supported by the charitable organization, Happiness in Old Age (Starost v radost); their representatives join most of our visits.

Everyone is welcome to participate in these events, share their ideas and support in any way. We are sure that all alumni are as warm-hearted and responsible as they are talented and accomplished. Why not help others and make their days a little brighter?

How can I help?

1. Join our trips to Kurovskoe. Follow news updates on our website and check your inbox for our NANR newsletters.

2. Donate some amount of money to support Kurovskoe home for the elderly. We will publish certain missions with a detailed description of what money is collected for. In the end we will publish reports with photos and receipts.

Previous events and missions

April 2016. Spring and Easter visit.

November 2015. New Year presents.

August 2015. Creative Saturday: Making photo frames.

June 2015. Drawing Delfts blauw tegeltjes.

Other FAQs

1. Why are these trips early on Saturday mornings?

Saturdays have been chosen because most alumni work during the week, therefore it’s more convenient to go on the weekend. We go early in the morning because it takes approximately two hours to get there and the administration of the home has asked us to have all the activities finished before lunch. Besides babushkas and dedushkas are usually more active in the morning and if we really want to brighten their day, we should come when it’s a good time for them.

2. Aren’t there any homes for the elderly closer to Moscow?

We decided that it is better to help those that really need help. This home unfortunately doesn’t get many visits. However, it has the most convenient location among ones that are seeking volunteers. 

3. Why do you think elderly people want to engage in drawing? It's such a childish activity.

The big amount of literature suggests that regular participation in art programmes has positive impact on the health of older adults. They report the improvement in both physical and moral health, i.e. less medication use and less loneliness. For more information, please refer to here and here.  


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