Olesya Belova participated in the Dutch Language course at Utrecht University. Currently she works as a project director at the Institute of Organizational Development and Strategic Initiatives in the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. Olesya is an active NANR Board member and greatly supports the organization during vatious events.  

What is the most interesting project at your work? Why is it so interesting?

The most interesting project at my work is the Global Management Challenge. It is the world’s largest strategy and management competition and involves over 30 countries around the world. I’m a member of Global Management Challenge Russia organizing team, which has been running the project since 2006.

The contest is based on a business simulation model, which allows teams to gain experience equal to managing a large company in global competition for several years. Competitors acquire their company’s global outlook and come to understand its operation principles and key success factors. It allows competitors to demonstrate their personal management skills by offering a challenge to other competing teams, which gives them an added incentive for personal development.

The Global Management Challenge allows people from different professional fields to exchange their practical experience in risk-free simulations. A combination of advanced educational technologies and fascinating gaming and competitive processes brings thousands of people together and prepares everyone for success in global competition.

Moreover, every year the winning Russian team offers a challenge to winners from all over the world at the Global Management Challenge International Final. It is great to know that Russia has been the world champion three times.

How did the study/internship in the Netherlands help you to build your career?

Studying at the Utrecht University summer school placed me in an international environment for the first time. I looked at my classmates: they were from all over the world and were smart, willing to learn and socially active. I think that encouraged me to widen my horizons and focus on international projects. 

Why do you find NANR useful?

For me NANR is a community of interesting, active and open-minded people, who studied in the Netherlands and fell in love with the country. Together we can contribute in establishing effective ties and fostering more cooperation and understanding between Russia and the Netherlands in different fields. It would be great if alumni set up Russia-Netherlands joint projects.

What can you learn from the Dutch in your opinion?

The thing I most admire about Dutch people is that they work hard and play hard. I also like their strong will to explore every part of the world and life.

What is your biggest professional ambition?

I believe in our Global Management Challenge Russia project. Since 2006 we have had about 40,000 participants, and most of them are very smart and talented. We are really interested in their professional progress and further development. This is why we are starting to form our “alumni” association project. My ambition for the short term is to examine the best association practices and incorporate the most interesting and effective elements into our “alumni” association. But my biggest ambition, I think, is to find a local team/company for starting the Global Management Challenge in the Netherlands.