Maria Popova finished the course in Global Advertising Adaptation at Utrecht University. She has been for a long time an enthusiastic and active member of NANR. 

What is your most interesting project at work? Why?

Building CRM (customer relationship management) campaigns from the very beginning and modifying them the way that I want, making A/B tests and discovering more attractive things for clients. I like the creative part of choosing content and defining the best target. The greatest thing is that the possibilities are almost unlimited. And this process doesn't cost the company much, but it brings a lot of profit. It’s great to be involved in the personalization of contact with clients, which is essential for modern marketing.

How did studying in the Netherlands help you build your career? 

My short period of study in the Netherlands was the first step in my professional turn towards marketing. When applying for a job, it played an important role in showing my vivid interest in this sphere. As for the job itself, I use the key ideas I learned - that the same phrases and images can be perceived in very different ways. The audience must be taken into account first of all. How this content will be perceived is dependent on age and other factors.

Why do you find NANR useful?

It makes direct experience possible. At NANR events you can communicate with people and find out details about daily life in the Netherlands (not only as a student) and some problems that you can face, all while in an informal atmosphere. You’ll never read such things in reviews on a site. From another perspective, it’s a very reliable source that can provide you with official information and support.

What can you learn from the Dutch in your opinion?

To be more punctual and at the same time more relaxed. I think that Russians are always in a rush and simultaneously often running a little late. Plus I love how self-assured Dutch people are.

What is your biggest professional ambition?

It is to work in the marketing department of Renault Nederland or some other international company in the Netherlands and share the best practices and be involved in innovative projects.