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Dutch Alumni Day in Moscow

On 22 November from 13:00 until 19:00 NANR will hold its annual Dutch Alumni Day. We are happy to invite Russian alumni of Dutch universities, representatives of the Dutch community in Moscow and all of our friends to participate in this day of learning, sharing experiences and networking with like-minded individuals. 

Dutch Alumni Day 2015 is devoted to entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills. We have invited seven well-established and influential Dutch professionals from business, science and creative industry. They will take you on a journey during which you will learn about the current developments and best practices in various fields and will have a chance to develop the skills necessary for a successful career.

The day will start with a stimulating lecture by Jeroen Ketting (Lighthouse) who will not only enlighten us as to the unique core strengths of Russians, but will also tell us how to develop these qualities and capitalize on them. After that we will hold another two sessions, with each of them featuring concurrent workshops.

Each participant must choose one workshop in each session while registering for the event. Please be aware that the number of attendees per workshop is limited. If a workshop is full we will kindly ask you to choose another one. So, don't loose your time, register now!

At the end of the day you will have a chance to share you impressions with other participants during a reception. 


13:00 – Registration starts

13:30  – Welcome words

13:45Bad is the new good by Jeroen Ketting (Lighthouse). An inspiring lecture that will make you aware of the unique core strengths of Russians.

14:30 – First session. Be an entrepreneur: best practices and new horizons.

High tech entrepreneurship  by Aard Groen (Twente University) 

prof. Aard Groen will present and discuss recent insights about the development of high growth oriented high tech business development. On the one hand he will discuss this  from a startup perspective, but part of the talk will also extend to the existing small, medium, and large sized business, so called corporate entrepreneurship. Groen will use examples from programmes he developed called Venturelab International in which more than 300 companies were developed. The session will be leading to a discussion on business development in Russia based on the experiences of Groen since 1999 working together with several universities in Russia. It is very much welcomed if you bring in your own experiences or thoughts on the topic.

Working together: how to gain more by joint entrepreneurship of museums, city marketing, government and business by Bjorn Stenvers (RANEPA)

The infrastructure of cities worldwide must adapt to current trends such as massive population growth, migration and environmental issues. In this presentation you will learn how strategical collaboration between government (local and state), commercial companies and customers can prove profitable in addressing modern challenges. Bjorn Stenvers will share a case study of all Amsterdam museums and provide the audience with business insights on how to benefit from such collaboration to maximum degree. 

15:45 – Coffee break

16:05 – Second session. Develop your entrepreneurial skills.

Story telling: how to make your next presentation persuasive, engaging and entertaining by Gerard Uijtendaal (Partner at Amrop Russia).

How often have you been in presentations where people were basically ‘reporting’? And, did you enjoyed it? Probably not.  In this workshop, I am going to teach you how to use story telling in your presentations.  Story telling plays an important role in all cultures, but has not been adopted in professional presentation. I am going to help you in presenting  stories, not ‘reports’. So that your next presentation will be persuasive, engaging and entertaining!

Transformational leadership: how to become the best leader you can be by Anita de Raaff

Do you dream to become a leader of the future. You want take your career to the next level but struggle which steps to take? In this workshop, I am going to teach you how to set a vision, how to motivate people and how to execute on your vision. Even if you are not ready today it will give you inside in how great leaders work and engage their employees.

Entrepreneurial Marketing in Russia: a case-study of KLM by Simon Scholte (Commercial Director Russia and CIS, Air France KLM)

How would you market a company in Russia while you have a small marketshare, a limited budget,  your brand awareness is less than competition and the total market is steadily dropping? Exchange with the commercial director of KLM on this topic and learn how KLM is currently adopting the marketing strategy to the Russian market with the help of creative and entrepreneurial actions. 

17:20 Closing words

17:35 – Reception and quiz 



Aard Groen, a professor of Innovative Entrepreneurship at the University of Twente and professor of Entrepreneurship & Valorisation at the University of Groningen. He is a Scientific Director of knowledge center NIKOS that cooperates with Institute of Innovation and Governance Studies. Groen’s area of expertise includes high tech entrepreneurship, research and business development.


Anita de Raaff is a 17 year GE veteran. Among other positions, she worked there as a Sales Director for Russia and CIS and HR Shared services leader for Europe. Her area of expertise includes technology, sales, 6 sigma, supply chain, financial and HR services transformation. 



Bjorn Stenvers, director at the Museums of Amsterdam foundation & Amsterdam Heritage. He is an expert in the fields of marketing regions and cities, urban strategic studies and collaborations between cultural cities, business and governess. Stenvers is engaged in various projects not only in the Netherlands, but also in Russia, UK and other countries. He is also a winner of Library Innovation Award 2006. 


Gerard Uijtendaal, a partner at Amrop in Russia, an executive search firm for Leaders’ for What’s Next, based in Moscow, Russia. At Amrop, Gerard is responsible for the Leadership and Human Capital Services consulting, and delivers executive coaching, executive education and leadership development programs. Gerard combines his financial expertise with his strong focus on the people side of business and is very well versed to deliver results in cultural diverse companies and audiences.


Jeroen Ketting, a founder of the Lighthouse Group BV and a business consultant with more than 20 years of experience of assisting Western companies in Russia in strategic advice and business development. Ketting is an expert in managing Energy Efficiency Projects for financial institutions, along as a business trainer on Russian culture and doing business in Russia.



Simon Scholte, Commercial director at KLM and Air France for Russia and CIS and legal representative KLM in Russia. Responsible for pricing, marketing, customer care and call-centres in Russia and CIS. Dutch entrepreneur with 10 years working experience in Amsterdam, Paris, Seoul and Moscow in field of strategy, sales and marketing.


Dutch Alumni Day in Moscow

November, 22
13:00 - 19:00 Save to calendar

At Mercure Hotel ulitsa Bakhrushina, 11, Moskva, Russia, 115184


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