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Wine tasting in Moscow

Join us on 10 March as we open the season with a fine wine tasting event!

Do you like travelling and wine as much as the early Dutch travelers in Russia did? You might be surprised to learn, but there were a number of Dutch adventurers, seekers and wine admirers who wandered through different regions in Russia, like Krasnodar, Kizlyar, Rostov and Dagestan in search of the perfect grape. 

We welcome all of our friends to spend a cozy evening with NANR to enjoy an ‘edutaining’ lecture about Dutch travelers in Russia, learn more about Russian wines and, of course, taste a number of them. We have even invited a professional sommelier to guide you through Russian wines and offer some useful tips on how to select a good pour.


19:00 – Guests assemble; light snacks.

19:30 – “Winemakers and wine-drinkers in Russia”, a lecture by Duke Meijman (in Dutch with Russian translation)

20:30 – 22:00 – Wine tasting

Lecturer: Duke Meijman is a specialist in Russian and Dutch languages. After spending a year as a teacher of Dutch and Russian at a high school in the Netherlands she became the coordinator of Russian Studies at the Hague University of Applied Sciences. She does research on the Dutch and Russian languages and culture. 

Sommelier: to be announced soon

Lecture summary

Winemakers and wine-drinkers in Russia: a short overview of Russian winemaking culture.

During the talk you will hear fascinating stories about Dutch travelers from centuries ago and about wine and wine culture in Russia. Many people from diverse social groups have enjoyed wine in Russia historically. Around the year 1800 a new public official was introduced, known as the вейнкипер (veynkiper). This person was responsible for controlling the quality of produced wine.  

During the tasting you will be asked such questions as, was it “a tumbler of morning wine for breakfast”, “a glass of sparkling Champagne” produced in Russia by Mr. Dijkem, or a foreign wine? Was the “simple French wine, sparkling in a goblet” really French? Where can we find the best Russian vineyards today? The Dutchman Struys described the vineyards around Astrakhan in 1669 for the first time. Where did these vineyards come from? Persia, Greece, perhaps Europe? 

We will also hear different opinions about Russian wines, vintages from the Don River area in the south, as well as offerings from the Kizlyar and Crimea regions. You will learn about the regions where it’s possible to buy good wines and you will have a chance to judge the different domestic options during the tasting.

Wine tasting in Moscow

March, 10
19:00 - 22:00 Save to calendar

At Oval Hall (State Library for Foreign Literature) Nikoloyamskaya ul., 6, Moskva, Russia, 109240


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