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Join a ‘Subbotnik’ at a Russian-Dutch heritage site 

On 14 May you are welcome to join us on a trip to the one-of-a-kind 17th century fortress in Rostov Veliky (usually referred to simply as Rostov). We will meet with city representatives, help clean up this unique historical site and attend lectures and excursions given by specialists working on a restoration project here. 

The Rostov fortress is an important monument with relations to the Old Dutch fortification system, as it was constructed with the help of a Dutch engineer. The object is rare in terms of its preservation level and is a common heritage object for Russia and the Netherlands and a monument that signifies the relationship between the two countries. There are few fortifications of this kind in the world that are so well preserved. 

A result of this initiative is a special volunteer day that aims to preserve the Rostov fortress and raise general awareness about this heritage site. One of the main parts of the programme to be performed at the site is a “Subbotnik,” a Russian tradition whereupon people volunteer to spend the day cleaning up and removing refuse from an area. All work must be done by hand as the use of mechanical equipment and tools is not permitted due to the special status of the site. The programme also includes meetings with city administration representatives, lectures on the city and the heritage site development strategy and an excursion to nearby cultural landmarks.


There is a 2-day long programme, but guests are welcome to attend for just one day if they prefer. 

14 May

10:15 – Arrival to Rostov

10:45 – Meeting with city representatives over tea

11:30 – “Subbotnik”

14:00 – Lunch and meeting with the general architect of the city

15:15  – City tour and a visit to the Nativity Convent

18:00 – Free time

19:00 – Return to Moscow

15 May

09:00 – 11:00 – A guided excursion to the local gardening and vegetable farming museum.

11:00  13:00 – A guided excursion to Porechye-Rybnoe, a beautiful historical site close to Rostov. On the way to the site you will enjoy amazing views that reminded Friesland to one of the organisers.


We will travel by train.  All participants are responsible for buying their own tickets. We will take the following trains:

There: 14 May #102Я Moscow (Yaroslavsky railway station) – Rostov at 07:35 

Back: 14 May #105Я Rostov – Moscow at 20:15

Meals will be provided by the organisers. Equipment for the “Subbotnik” will be provided by the organisers

Accommodation: those that will stay for two days are responsible for arranging their own lodging. 

More about the fortress can be found here and here.


Let’s enjoy a nice day outside, meet new people, learn something new and help preserve the Russian-Dutch cultural heritage! 

Join a ‘Subbotnik’ at a Russian-Dutch heritage site 

May, 14
7:35 - 23:00 Save to calendar

At Rostov Veliky Ростов, Ярославская обл., Россия


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