Dutch Alumni Day in St. Petersburg

On 4 June from 13:30 until 19:30 NANR invites Russian alumni of Dutch universities, representatives of the Dutch community in the city and all of our friends to participate in this day of learning, sharing experiences and networking. The event will take place at Consul General’s Residence.


Dutch Alumni Day is a stimulating event that will give every participant a chance to learn from leading Dutch experts, share knowledge and experience of new business strategies and develop new skills. It will be an interactive event when the speakers and audience are equally engaged in the conversation. 

We will finish the day with a reception on a summer terrace with the beautiful view on the city.

Join the event to learn and share, inspire and get inspired! 


13:30  -  Guests assemble

14:00  -  Welcome by Jerke Verschoor (Neso Russia)

14:05  -  Opening  by Hans Wesseling, Consul General

14:25  -  Working in the poultry industry in Russia by Willeke van den Brink (Severnaya)

15:10 -  Story telling: how to make your next presentation persuasive, engaging and entertaining by Gerard Uijtendaal (Partner at Amrop Russia).

How often have you been in presentations where people were basically ‘reporting’? And, did you enjoy it? Probably not.  In this workshop, I am going to teach you how to use story telling in your presentations.  Story telling plays an important role in all cultures, but has not been adopted in professional presentation. I am going to help you in presenting stories, not ‘reports’. So that your next presentation will be persuasive, engaging and entertaining!

15:55  -  Coffee

16:15  -  Attracting clients with great content! by Bart Leenhouts (LearnDutch.org) 

To be successful you need to provide great value for free, and communicate with a massive audience in a highly personalised way. Bart explains how you can grow an engaging community, willing to buy your products and services by using online content marketing as the main sales channel. 

17:00  -  Closing by Jerke Verschoor

17:10  -  Reception at the Summer Terrace at Renaissance Hotel 

19:30  -  End



Bart Leenhouts,  an entrepreneur in language education. He worked for 10 years in Russia as a business consultant. Bart managed to set up companies using online content marketing as the main sales channel. Since 2014, Bart has established a vibrant community of 30,000 Dutch language students.  



Gerard Uijtendaal, a partner at Amrop in Russia, an executive search firm for Leaders’ for What’s Next, based in Moscow, Russia. At Amrop, Gerard is responsible for the Leadership and Human Capital Services consulting, and delivers executive coaching, executive education and leadership development programs. Gerard combines his financial expertise with his strong focus on the people side of business and is very well versed to deliver results in cultural diverse companies and audiences.


 Willeke van den Brink, a CEO of Severnaya and Woyskovitsy poultry companies. During the highly successful two decades in the Russian poultry market, Van den Brink has succeeded in growing a small family enterprise to one of the leading players in the industry in Russia.


Dutch Alumni Day in St. Petersburg

June, 4
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At St. Petersburg, Angliyskaya nab., 12 Английская набережная, 12, Санкт-Петербург, Россия, 190000


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