What is the most interesting project at your work? Why is it so interesting?

The most interesting part of my current job is the wide area of responsibility. Every day I face many different challenges, which helps me to acquire new skills and knowledge. As each day goes by, I am becoming more proficient in my field of work.

How did the study/internship in the Netherlands help you to build your career?

My exchange semester in the Netherlands was very useful for me. First of all, I was exposed to a completely different kind of university and style of study. It showed me that learning could be interesting and enjoyable. Lectors use mostly practical methods of study which reflects cases from the real business life. For instance, we had a team project in regards of existing company Metro Cash & Carry and its potential operation in four given countries in Latin America. We were divided on groups of 5-6 people. We had to monitor those countries and analyse reasons why Metro Cash & Carry has not entered this continent so far. It was important to take into consideration the entire global growth strategy of the company when dealing with this issue. This case gives you a look into the way most companies face with, when they want to enter a new international market. Furthermore, group work gives you an opportunity to learn how to work in team, how to relate with people and how to do your job more efficiently. That was an example of how Dutch universities provide students with a practical experience which is very useful in future life. Secondly, it motivated me to build a career in an international company. Personally, studying in the Netherlands inspired me to work diligently and always try to learn something new in order to strive for success. Finally, it gave me a wealth of international experience and definitely broadened my outlook.

Why do you find NANR useful?

NANR is the one network for alumni of Dutch study programs in Russia. It helps students that have attended Dutch universities and those that took on internships to stay in contact with each other, as well as with their professors and employers. It also allows us to experience Dutch culture in our country and helps us to find likeminded people. I really believe that NANR connects soulmates.

What can you learn from the Dutch in your opinion?

Certainly, most residents of our metropolis and I could learn a thing or two from the Dutch about how to be friendly. Also, I admire their positive nature, their amiability and politeness. 

What is your biggest professional ambition?

In the future I would like to become a virtuous leader and a good public speaker. Later on I wish to open my own business which will not just make money, but on the other hand, will help people. The area of the business I wish to do is education or traveling, or it can be combined. Regarding to the education, it can be anything I like to do, such as dance or yoga classes, language school with a unique learning approach, study abroad consultancy, etc. The idea is to share my passion and experience that I've gathered during my life with people. I want to contribute to people's life, to help them to obtain new knowledge or skills. And the most important is to love what you do. I am working very hard right now to get the necessary life experience in order to come up with and execute a brilliant business idea.