What is the most interesting project at your work? Why is it so interesting?     

I work at a logistics company with offices all over the world. Our European headquarters is located in the Netherlands.

One interesting part of my work is to search for the best ways to deliver goods to customers internationally. As I explore and build the route schemes myself, my work forces me to be creative and I am constantly learning.

Another interesting part of my work is cooperating with people from different countries. As I organise transportation internationally, I contact our offices worldwide. Besides learning aspects of doing business with them, I also communicate with various countries and learn about different cultures.

How did the study/internship in the Netherlands help you to build your career?

The programme and internship influenced both my career and my life. Just after the internship I changed my job and started to work in a Dutch representative office with new responsibilities. Besides, I also widened my network and started to look at things from an “opportunity” point of view.

Why do you find NANR useful?               

The moment I became a member of NANR coincided with my relocation to Moscow for work. I was delighted to see that the network of Dutch alumni is so wide and that the Dutch government supports it so well. I met a lot of interesting people and was glad to make a contribution to the group myself. People in the NANR community are active and willing to share ideas and information and the meetings give participants a good boost for moving forward.

What can you learn from the Dutch in your opinion?     

Two things that impressed me about the Dutch are their efficiency and high level of self-discipline.