What has been your most interesting project at work and why was it so stimulating?

My work is to maintain relationships with five Dutch companies. Each individual company is a project for me and it is not easy to say which one is my favourite, but the first one is always the most challenging. Business opportunities really opened for me with the company Jumbo, a well-known brand in the toys and games industry. The brand has been around since the 19th century, but was barely known among Russians until 2012. But, now you can buy Jumbo puzzles at several Russian retail chains.

How did study or internship in the Netherlands help you in your career?

The internship in the Netherlands was a turning point for me. I turned in my middle management white shirt and tie for entrepreneurial jeans. During the internship I got acquainted with a number of great people in the business world that I now have friendly relations with.

Why do you find NANR useful?

NANR is like any other community: it pays you back if you are ready to invest. It is one of the biggest post-graduate associations in Russia and its members are usually willing to share information, contacts and ideas. The Dutch are the best networkers in the world, so we have learned from the best! I am in regular contact with at least 20 alumni members thanks to NANR.

What can you learn from the Dutch, in your opinion?

Networking, of course is the first thing one can learn. Another thing is their attention to efficiency. Also, the Dutch are hard workers, yet still some of them can manage to work only three days a week or from home. Self-discipline is in their blood. What I also like about Dutch business people is how they can behave modestly, while at the same time being very successful.