What is the most interesting project at work? Why?

I participate in a project called the Innovation Lab for PhD students at Lobachevsky State University Nizhny Novgorod (UNN) together with the Nijmegen School of Management. I'm excited because I can continue to work with professors from Radboud University, share my experiences with other PhD students from UNN and open new opportunities for collaboration.

How did the study/internship in the Netherlands help you to build your career?

I'll never get tired of repeating that being a part of international activities is the greatest pleasure for me. My international traineeship helped me not only to get a position at my home university and to develop diplomatic skills, but also opened new horizons for me. The world is full of new friends and opportunities to get a quality education.

Why do you find NANR useful?

I enjoyed my education in the Netherlands. Now, I think that being a part of NANR is a great opportunity to keep in touch with people who are also excited about culture, education and lifestyle. Also I find the business environment and the work approach attractive. I look forward to future collaborations with NANR in the science and business area.

What can you learn from the Dutch in your opinion?

The Dutch are a very open and kind people and more than that, they are also effective and hard workers and a results-oriented people. Actually I love the process of teamwork. The Dutch want to share and exchange their experiences in order to improve the quality of life together. In the end it helps them to make an impact and get results.

What is your biggest professional ambition?

I'd like to be a coordinator or project manager of a big international education project. I feel that it could be very useful for people in my country and I can bring real value to the table, because I love this type of work. I would find it extremely interesting to bridge the gap between the Russian and European educational systems.