From March 2017 on, a NANR member will take turns sharing their knowledge and passion about certain professional areas every Monday and Thursday evening in rotating one-month residencies. 

On Mondays we will focus on the main questions in the field, while on Thursdays we will publish some inspiring examples and business cases. You are more than welcome to ask questions, contribute your own experiences and engage in an informative discussion. 

Why are we doing this? Over 1,300 members with over 30 different fields of professional expertise – this is what NANR is made of. And we are constantly growing. Every year we organise events where you can learn from various Dutch specialists, but we also want to point out that we have incredible experts among our own ranks. 

Maria Kharitonova is our inaugural expert and will lead discussions throughout March-April. Her area of expertise is social entrepreneurship. She introduces herself and explains why she chose this topic.


"My globetrotter's story started when I was studying applied mathematics at Saratov State University. Back then I became an active member of the world’s largest student organisation AIESEC. I was a part of AIESEC national committees in Russia and later in Peru. An AIESEC internship brought me to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where, while working for the ABN AMRO finance department, I did a part-time Masters in International Finance at the Amsterdam Business School. Half way through the internship I was offered a permanent role on the team where I stayed for another couple of years, while also joining RBS bank as an Internal Controls team leader on the finance department. Later on, life brought me to India where after working with the RBS project management team and developing a community engagement framework for employees I became increasingly interested in social entrepreneurship. I completed several distance-learning courses on related topics and joined a business accelerator for social entrepreneurs that helped bring innovations to financially disadvantaged groups in India. Back in the Netherlands, I kept working and studying Dutch experiences of social entrepreneurship and was involved in a program run by the Impact Hub Amsterdam for Dutch social entrepreneurs. Now back in Russia, I along with two other people are looking into opening a social business. I am eager to share my knowledge in this field with fellow NANR members."


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