Have you always been interested in Social Enterpreneurship but was afraid to ask? Well, here you go. For a month Maria Kharitonova was sharing her expertise and experience in the topic. You are welcome to read all the materials and discuss. 

Part 1. What is it, social enterprenuership? 

Simply said, social entrepreneurship is about doing good smart. At its core it tries to solve a certain social, cultural and/or environmental issue and in doing so it draws from business practices and business acumen. More >>

Part 2. Best practices (NL).

How about innovation in fashion industry? Dutch social enterprise, denim brand MUD Jeans, also mentioned as an example during the lecture, has its say in that. More >>

Part 3. Where to start? Where to look for ideas?

In many ways creating a social business is a lot like building a traditional business. However, social enterprise ideas, unlike conventional business ideas, typically result from a desire to solve a (social) need; they often come from your own experience and/or your family' situation which you want to improve. More >>

Part 4. Best practices (RU).

Charity Shop in Moscow is one of the first secondhand clothing stores in Russia. Anyone can shop here or donate their clothes (which must be in new or like-new condition). More >>

Part 5. Social Enterpreneurship communities and accelarators.

Check out the places where you could you test it, get an expert support that is needed for its further development and execution and, perhaps, a workplace to start your operations from. More >>

Part 6. Best practises (NL).

Worldwide we waste 1.3 billion ton of food, that is one third of the entire food production. The food that is wasted in the USA alone is enough to feed all the hungry people in the world. Kromkommer provides a sollution to deal with constantly increasing food waste. More >>

Part 7. Get some support for your project!

Every year you have an opportunity to apply for the Social Impact Award for early stage social entrepreneurs! 15 competition finalists will join the SIA incubation program. It will be 3 months of hard work towards their business launch: intensive sessions, individual business development plan, personal mentor, consultations with the industry experts and successful social entrepreneurs. More >>

Part 8. Best practices (RU).

Cocco Bello is a truly inspirational story about synergetic approach to solving various problems at the same time: community development, employment providing, etc. More >>

Part 9. Study social enterpreneurship in Holland.

For those of you who would like to get to know this topic deeper, here are a couple of suggestions of Dutch universities where you could either take a course or obtain a degree related to Social entrepreneurship topic. More >> 

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