Last week NANR, Nuffic and Russian Embassy welcomed 15 Russian students at the Russian Embassy’s quarters in The Hague. 

Boris Zhilko, the Charge d'Affaires, opened the evening with a talk about Russian-Dutch relations. Maria Strous, a former NANR board member who currently works in Holland, introduced the network and explained how the students can benefit from it. Mechteld Bous, a Communication Officer at Nuffic, broadened that by describing general #Hollandalumni activities. 

The second part of the evening was dedicated to the rules and experiences of finding an internship in The Netherlands. Ilya Kokorin, a former NANR board member and currently a lecturer at Leiden University, paid attention to the official rules and regulations. 

Maria Terekhina, Erasmus University Rotterdam alumna, and Sergey Gridin, VU University Amsterdam alumnus, shared their personal experience in looking for and finding (!) an internship. Their main advice would be to: 

  • search will take at least 2-3 months;
  • don’t be picky: send your cv to as many vacancies as possible (5 out 80);
  • don’t be shy in your cover letter: show your achievements and ambitions.

We wrapped up the evening by a quiz, warm talks and getting to know each other. NANR would like to thank Russian Embassy in The Hague for their support and willingness to host us. Also, our endless gratitude goes to the alumni for being so enthusiastic and willing to share their knowledge and experience with students. Hope to see everyone at our following events!   

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