On 19 April the first event of “RSPN” took place in Utrecht, hosted by Time Space. The event was organized by Time Space together with Nuffic NesoWe expected approx. 60 people to come, but in fact in total it was about 90.


The event program was led by Mikhail, acquaintance of Time Space, and started with the presentation of Time Space team (Maria, Maria & Kamila). They gave an insight about Time Space, its history, strategy and plans. Mikhail presented the whole program of the evening.



First speaker was Irina Digtiarova, who works in TU Eindhoven and previous worked in various companies like ING. The topic was “Importance of Networking and Holland Alumni Network”. She told about Nuffic organization, about benefits and importance of networking and presented some statistics of what people can gain through networking.'




After a break, the second speaker was Marlotte, Career Advisor of Nyenrode University who organized a workshop “Tips & Tricks of Personal Development”. She shortly briefed about Nyenrode University and explained about golden circle “Why/How/What” of Simon Sinek. She gave some examples and also tasks to the audience for understanding importance of self branding and its influence on other people. So the atmosphere was enthusiastic and everybody participated actively.


The third speaker was Natalia Komarovskaya, which is the owner of the company “N&K Profit”. The topic was about experience of setting up own business in the Netherlands.

She told how she started her own company in 2015 and which obstacles she had to pass through. Her business nowadays is rapidly growing and she has a lot of customers both corporate and private. Audience was very interested in her story and asked her a lot of practical questions.

The official part was ended around 9:30-10:00 and then the networking started in the bar of Time Space building.