Last weekend we again visited the Kurovskoe home for elderly.

During the previous visit we noticed that many of the inhabitants have photos pinned up next to their beds. That inspired us to make some colourful photo frames to both cheer up our senior friends and bring a personal touch to an otherwise rather uniform atmosphere. 

It was heartwarming to realise that some of the babushkas (old women) remembered us from our previous visit and were glad to see us again. This time we also heard a lot about babushkas’ and dedushkas’ (old mens’) personal lives and where they used to live and work. One of the ladies worked all of her life as a school teacher, and despite being completely blind now she can’t stop the endless discussions with her neighbours about Russian literature. In turn we told them about some aspects of Dutch culture and everyday life such as Sinterklaas, herring and Vermeer paintings. 

The next visit is planned for the beginning of September. We encourage everyone to join! It might seem like a tough endeavour and these definitely can be emotional visits. But we are young and doing well in life, so I think we all can find some time every couple of months to make someone else’s life a little brighter.  

Find more pictures of the event here.