Last Saturday we visited our friends at the Kurovskoe home for elderly. It was really touching to see their happy faces.

This time we did not engage in any creative activities, we just gave them presents and chatted for a while. This was our fifth time there, so all the babushkas and dedushkas already know us and it is much easier now to have engaged conversations.

More than any of the presents we gave them, the Kurovskoe inhabitants appreciated the New Year greeting cards that we signed several days before the trip. Having to spend most of their days inside – or even in bed – our elderly friends always look forward to new faces, impressions and news from “the world”, as they describe it. It doesn’t take much time or effort to provide them with this and it means a lot to them. 

This trip would not be possible without your help and support. NANR wholeheartedly thanks all of our anonymous donors. With your help we collected more than 24,000 RUB (expenditures report is attached). We managed to find cheaper items of the same quality and a lot of you brought sweets to our office, so we spent much less than had initially been estimated. 

We are really grateful to those of you who devoted their free time to come to our office and sign the greeting cards and bring a few things to contribute to the presents. And since the people that came to our office are not anonymous, we are happy to name them here:

  • Nina Lobanova
  • Marina Gorskaya
  • Sergey Terekhin
  • Natalia Terekhina
  • Katya Tereshko
  • Marina Drozd
  • Pavel Petyushin

We are planning our next visit to Kurovskoe the end of January or the beginning of February. We are going to sing some songs with our senior friends.  So, think of some of your favourite songs from old films and join us! 



Expenditures report