At the beginning of October Neso Russia visited the Kurovskoe home for the elderly in the Moscow Region. 

This time we did not plan any art or craftwork activities as we usually do. Instead we brought some flowers and spent time talking and catching up with our senior friends, as we had not visited them for a while. 

Some of the babushkas instantly recognised us and were glad to listen to our stories and hear our updates. The majority of the residents here spend all day in bed, as just a few of them can walk properly. Some of them have relatives, but very few receive visitors on a regular basis. We truly feel that every visit brings some “fresh air” to these senior citizens. Both the organization Starost v radost and local nurses have confirmed just how important new impressions and information can be for old people to remain mentally and physically sharp. 

It is always hard to see older people living alone and with illnesses. Of course, we understand that our small efforts will not change the situation overnight. Yet we see the sparkle in the eyes of these babushkas and dedushkas when we visit. We also realise that we provide moral support for the doctors and nurses who do a tremendously difficult job every day. 

Neso Russia and NANR plan to continue visiting the Kurovskoe home for the elderly. Please let us know if you would like to join our next trip.