Are you an admirer of the theatre? Would you like to know more about the historical and artistic contexts from which the modern acting school takes its roots? 

Then we invite you to attend a book presentation on 18 February by Sergei Tcherkasski, a theatre director and an alumnus of the University of Amsterdam.

In his book Tcherkasski analyses the creative work of Richard Boleslawski and Lee Strasberg, the successors of Russian theatre innovator Konstantin Stanislavsky’s famed acting method. The work encourages readers to dive into the history and logic of the development of different acting schools. Tcherkasski pays special attention to unique archival documents and sources that have not yet been published in Russian. The text was awarded a major prize for the best book on theatre in 2016.

The day’s programme includes speeches by theatre critics and video archival presentations, including one on the first plays by the Moscow Art Theatre. Lucky participants will also be treated to excerpts of the play “Op Hoop van Zegen”, a story about exploited Dutch fishermen at the turn of the century that is based on a book by Herman Heijermans. 

This is a free event.