Sapindigo Rio Developer Challenge is a competition, in which students, graduates and independent developers are supposed to build a Business Intelligence application, using the software called "Arcplan". 

As one alum noted, Dutch Alumni Day in St.Petersburg is quickly becoming a memorable tradition for all. Last weekend alumni spent an interesting day together with NANR members and representatives of Dutch community in St. Petersburg.

Last week the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and NANR organized an engaging discussion on Dutch foreign policy and Dutch-Russian relations. The event aimed to give alumni an opportunity to hear expert opinions and debate long-standing and recent developments between the two countries.

Last weekend a diverse group of Dutch-Russian cultural heritage supporters went to Rostov Veliky to help clean up the 17th century earth fortress located there. Besides being unique in terms of preservation, this fortress is seen as the uniting element in restoring the touristic potential to the site on the whole.

A short story about our visit to Kurovskoe in the end of April. Unconventionally first in Russian and then in English.

Van Oord (Netherlands) opens an opportunity for Russian students and alumni to experience the world leading marine company.

This year we plan to activate NANR members in Ekaterinburg! We are eager to start making a programme but of course we need you, the alumni who will participate in all the events.

Rather predictably Russia and the Netherlands are the countries where the most NANR members live. Check out an interactive map of regions in both countries where you will find your fellow holland alumni!

Who are those Russians that studied in the Netherlands, what did they study and where are they now? Take a look!

Since February this year we have run a survey aiming to better understand the NANR members' expectations and satisfaction with their membership. We are really grateful to all the 91 participants of our survey and are very eager to start working with all your responses and insights.

Dear NANR members, 

With this survey we hope to learn more about your expectations and preferences for NANR activities.

Previous trips in 2013 and 2014 were interesting, intensive and most importantly they were fun! Going on a yachting trip is a great way to spend your holiday and combine strenuous activity with relaxation.

Let's take a look at that inspiring day in the end of November 2015

Last Saturday we visited our friends at the Kurovskoe home for elderly. It was really touching to see their happy faces.

Meet a new gadget developed by one of the NANR members!

Make a Sinterklaas poem and win an awesome Dutch prize!

New Year is coming and we would like to congratulate our friends at Kurovskoe home for elderly. 

Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Netherlands, Ep-Nuffic and Netherlands Alumni Network in Russia (NANR) are happy to invite all the Russian students and alumni to participate in the event that will take place on the 25th of November

Moscow will hold an International trade fair for heritage preservation, restoration and museum technology from 14-16 October 2015. Along with the event, a diverse congress and a side program offers an attractive environment for information and the exchange of expertise in these related fields. 

Olga Smolenchuk, a NANR Alumni Board member, shares her impressions of the first ever NANR meeting in Tomsk.